Learn how to live holistically, strive for healing, and grow in your ability to advocate for your needs. 

I help chronically ill mamas learn how to heal holistically & show up intentionally to love their life no matter their limitation. 

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BSn RN turned Stay at home mom & Chronic Illness Warrior 

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I am BSN RN turned stay at home mom. My children and I have several chronic illness which has caused me to become a  passionate advocate for all people to know what true healing really is!

Spoiler Alert = it is not what we have been told. 

Almost 10 years ago I was undiagnosed & having escalating neurological symptoms where I was experiencing temporary vision loss almost every week. I was basically bedbound and realized if I did not turn my life upside down I would not be here to see my 4 kids grow up.

Now by the grace of God and utilizing my own nursing practices on myself I am no longer bedbound and rarely have temporary vision loss as a symptom. 

Hi Y'all! I'm Annalisa.


I once believed that my chronic illness was my own isolating burden to be carried. However, after connecting with Annalisa, I soon found companionship and support in my journey. She offered insight into challenging aspects of my health, hope for healing, and helped me establish a rhythm in my home that has brought peace and purpose to our family."

— Heather A.

— Jess E

Annalisa and I connected several years ago on Instagram. We had a lot in common, both living with a Mast Cell Disease. We quickly became friends. She is always willing to lend an ear, or offer advice. She will share whatever she can with you if she thinks it will help. She was a huge supporter of mine when I took a leap of faith in 2022 after experiencing quite a loss. I can't say enough good things about my friend. She's one of a kind!"

— Lulu

Annalisa has been a great help to me, she has given me tips and advice how to implement things into my life that worked for me and my health. Her background in nursing and love for learning has helped me so much. Her love for serving others is so inspiring and beautiful. She truly is a gem and a friend." 

Life with Chronic Illness

Means Daily Grief But You Can CHOOSE Daily Joy Too!

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